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root ball on top of the ground.
Digging a 18' Colorado Spruce with our 72" spade.

"The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit."

     -Nelson Henderson

Plants Beautiful Nursery has been planting trees with this idea for over 40 years. Now we would like to share are large trees with you, so you can enjoy the shade. Whether you prefer a large shade tree or a beautiful evergreen, planting a large tree now means less time until you can enjoy the benefits of shade, wind brakes and privacy around your home.

The time it takes for trees to grow

If you plant a 2 foot shade tree wipe, you might get to sit in the shade of that tree in your lifetime, as it will be only about 6 feet tall with branches in 5 years. And to grow 30 feet tall, it will take another 25 years. A total of 30 years! Planting a 6 foot shade tree will grow to appoximently 20 feet in 15 years, and 30 feet tall in 25 years from the time of planting. If you hav not moved away by then or left.... you may sit in the shade of that tree.

Heres what we recommend

Planting one of our 15 foot shade tree that will grow to appoximently 25 feet in less then 10 years. Or better yet planting one of our 20 foot shade tree that will grow to appoximently 25 feet in less then 5 years!

Realize you are buying time with a bigger tree. You definitely have a good chance of sitting under the shade of this larger tree purchase.

Size does matter and bigger trees means faster shade.

We Are One Of The Only Growers In The Midwest Who B&Bs Trees Up To 24 Feet!

topiary trees in front of a home