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Pruneing Topiary Tree

Plants Beautiful grows over 50 different species of tree nursery stock.

We supply balled and burlap trees to landscapers, contractors and land developers as well as home owners at both wholesale and retail prices. Individuals that need help planting their trees can contact us for a list of landscapers in your area.

Digging Season

Because of our northern location our spring digging season begins around mid-April and ends in mid to late May. Summer digging of evergreens runs from July 15th until the ground freezes. Fall digging of Shade Trees starts in mid-September and goes until early to mid-November.

Our Soil and Spades

All our nursery stock trees are grown in a prairie loam soil with clay, which is rich for growing and makes an excellent ball when dug with our 32" Clegg Spade Baller, 46" 25 degree Ace of Spades and Our 54" and 72" Dutchman Spades. All machines dig a flat bottom ball for ease of displaying and makes for less tipping when planted.

root ball on top of the ground.32 clegg tree spade in air
topiary trees in front of a home